The Length of an Arc, the Closing of a Loop

Clear and dense, the sunlight decelerates as it passes through the window pane, dispersing aquamarine which becomes indigo, and as one reorients their position within the room, the sun, outside, arches above the horizon. Nearby plants are thrown onto the walls, the refracted light silhouetting versions of the leaves in different intensities of grey, camouflaged against the wall paint, the hues running together.

Objects farther away from the window, closer to the sun, burn across the east-facing walls as harder to detect, grey echoes, made almost intangible by the motion dazzle of the wind. At the meeting point between floor and wall, the light bends into irregular polygons, convex corners becoming excited curtains, and by the alignment of the edges, concave planes are presented and concealed. The thinning antumbras shrink pale diamonds and arrange shadow rendezvouses at day’s end. The sun is gone, and the light instead breaks the darkness, moving at closer manmade speeds.